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Terry grew up in a little town in the central part of the island of Newfoundland that had a population of about 800.  His only source for books was the elementary school library, yet at a very young age he realized that books had the power to transport him from his tiny spot in the world to any place and any time.....and so the journey began.

Following graduation from High School in Lewisporte, Terry moved to St. John's with his wife Sharon, where he completed two years of Civil Engineering Technology and then began a thirty-three year career at the telephone company.  In 2006, Terry retired and decided to pursue his lifelong dream to write.


Terry sketched out the beginning of a sci-fi novel about 20 years ago and as he said, "I literally blew the dust off those yellowed sheets of paper; and when the cloud dissipated and the coughing ceased, I got to work.  I spent a couple of years on it but it just didn't make the grade and is sitting on the shelf for future polishing.  That's for another day!"

Oh, by the way, during that time my two daughters, Amy and Julieanne, married and have given me three grandsons who have suddenly demanded a significant amount of my attention, in a delightfully happy way!

Then one day, not too long ago, Terry was thumbing through one of the volumes of The Books of Newfoundland and read that this guy by the name of Thomas Rowsell had been considered a "great" Indian killer.  Well, that got him thinking;  "my mother's maiden name is Rowsell.  Hmm....I wonder if he might be an ancestor of mine." And the idea of Red Indian was born.