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Red Indian: The Early Years (Book 1) Published 2015


In 1788, Shanadee, a young Beothuk girl, has her first violent encounter with the White Man.  In the coming days and years it will happen again and again as her family desperately struggle to survive in the harsh Newfoundland environment, while suffering the relentless harassment of the white settlers

We join her family as they unwittingly make their journey into extinction.

Red Indian: The Final Days (Book 2) Published 2016


In April 1823, Shanawdithit and her two companions walked out of the woods leaving behind 12 of their tribe; all that remained of the once proud Beothuk Nation.

The Final Days provides a window through which you will watch their tragic struggle as they disappear into the mist of the past.

Red Indian: The Beginning (Book 3) Published 2017


Having no access to pen and paper, the Beothuk passed on the stories of their families by word of mouth.  This book records the stories of the ancestors of Shanadee and Kirradittii, as told so many times around the family campfire.

Bloody Point: New Release June 2019

Legend has it that Hant’s Harbour,on the eastern shore of Newfoundland, was the scene of an Indian m


Legend, or tradition, as it is sometimes referred to, has it that Hant’s Harbour, a small community on the eastern shore of the island of Newfoundland, was the scene of a terrible Indian massacre of unprecedented scale. Although history is vague on the facts, and the numbers may have possibly been exaggerated, there are those who still relate the story with conviction.

Perhaps this is what happened…