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"Started reading this as the plane pulled out of the gate, flew for 4 fours and couldn't put the book away. Captured my reading mind immediately, and I was pulled into the life of the this Beothuk family. Enjoyed learning more about the Beothuk culture and early settlement in NL. The fiction and the facts were blended in a fashion that was realistic. Well written and looking forward to the sequel. Excellent book."

"Recently finished reading "Red Indian - The Early Years". All I can say is WOW! Fabulous read, and well written captivating story [apart from an enlightening history lesson]. Great insight to part of our history that is heard of so little. In my opinion it should be added to Canadian, or at least Newfoundland Labrador, school curriculum as 'required' reading. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to all."

Amazon Review - C. Sparkes on June 6, 2015

"​A great piece of historical fiction that brings to life the tragic plight of the ill-fated Beothuk. Humanizes an often forgotten people. Even though the ultimate ending of the book is known before reading, the story of each character draws you in and makes you care about their lives and deaths."
Amazon Review - Julieanne Reddy on August 27, 2015

"I don't read a lot of novels, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I didn't want to put it down when I started reading. I am anxiously awaiting the next one."

Amazon Review - Bob PENNINGTON on May 4, 2015

"Just finished Red Indian. Great book! Totally enjoyed it. Downloaded mine from Kobo, and just ordered a hard copy to display on the fireplace. This book should be in the schools for the kids to read. Really gives you a new perspective on the Beothuk and their history. Can't wait for your next book."

"Finished your book late last night!! (Making it hard to get up for work this morning). Absolutely loved it! Especially the Touch of romance! You know us women love that!! It was overall a great read! Makes me want to visit the Beothuk site again in Boyd's Cove. Looking forward to book #2 for sure! "

"Finished your book, didn't want to lay it down.Looking forward to the next one. A wonderful read."

"Just a note to let you know I finished reading your book & loved it ,from start to finish.I found it very sobering & exciting at the same time ..... Can still smell the smoke from their campfires  & hear the wind flapping against their wigwams."

"I have always had bit of a fascination with the Beothuk story and their ultimate extinction. I find that your book , although fiction , could indeed be the realistic version of events in the Beothuk history.  Interesting  to say the least. Hopefully the second book referred to will soon become available in bookstores."

​"This book is historical fiction but it reads like Terry was watching the characters from nearby and taking notes! It's a keeper for your Newfoundland Beothuk book collection."

​"This was one of the best written books that I have read. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. It was a good thing that I was on vacation in Newfoundland. I am looking forward to the new book."

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Media Release - July 5 2017 - Local Author to Release Final Novel in Beothuk Series (pdf)