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The Beothuk (Red Indians) populated the island of Newfoundland long before the Europeans arrived on our shores.  One of the first reported encounters was with John Guy in1612 when he landed in Trinity Bay and traded with the local Indians.

It has been said that during the 1600-1700's there were an estimated 5000 Beothuk living on the island.  By 1823, that number had dropped to 15.

There were many encounters, many of them violent, during those years as more settlers arrived and pushed the Beothuk back into the interior.

At times, the Beothuk were their own worst enemies.  Their culture was based on community/family ownership and they sometimes extended this to the settlers, and took what they needed from them.  This inevitably led to confrontation.  The Beothuk were most often the losers.

In October 1827, William E. Cormack founded the Beothuk Institution. The Institution was re-established in 1997 and commisioned a statue of a female Beothuk, which is now located at the Boyd's Cove Provincial Historic Site.

Shanawdithit's Burial site. (note old burying site indicated on map)


Southside Road across from Patrick Street in St. John's

Marker for Shanawdithit.


This was located on the South Side Hills and was mounted where the new Treatment Plant stands at the West end of St. John's Harbour.

Enlargement of plaque on Shanawdithit's Marker